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Gate of Hope

The Gate of Hope – an exposition of photos by Jindřich Štreit with poetry by Josef Mlejnek can be seen in the Church of the Infant Jesus during August and September.

Art should be true, it should be a mirror reflecting the true image of people. But it may do even more: It can mirror their hidden face, the better possibility, what people might be, but they do not see and know themselves like this so far. Expressed in a Christian´s words: to help people to find the image of God in themselves. (…) Through the eyes of the spectators, the images make their way into deeper layers of their being. They resonate, inspire, stimulate, leave traces and challenges. All this and much more (it should just be looked for!) is offered by the exhibition THE GATE OF HOPE in a vision of human life from birth to death. It´s horizon, however, does not end with death. The gate keeps opening, the threshold of hope invites to proceed. (Mons. Josef Hrdlička, Bishop Consecrator of Olomouc)

Jindřich Štreit (*1946) – photographer, teacher, during communism prosecuted for his photographic activities, member of the Association Q in Brno, the Association of Olomouc Artists, the creative photography action group at the Prague House of Photography and the Artistic Community in Prague

Josef Mlejnek (*1946) – poet, reviewer and translator, signatory of Charter 77