Description of the Statue

The statue is 47 cm tall and is made of wood with a moulded and coloured wax surface. Canvas shows though the wax. The statue represents Jesus at the age of 4 – 5 years. The face has a unique expression that can not be captured by any copy. Moorish features can be seen in the face and in the hair, which was originally darker. This reflects the Spanish origin of the statue.

The Infant Jesus is dressed in a long under-robe beneath which we can see his bare feet. He blesses with his right hand and his left is holding the symbol of his rule over the world – an imperial orb ended with a cross. His palm has a slot for attaching the orb. The statue is dressed in royal robes. In the past, the robes were decorated with precious jewels that came as gifts from worshippers. The most valuable jewel (since lost) was a copy of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

The small crown in not placed directly on the statue, instead it is attached separately just above the Infant Jesus.

right hand
for the imperial
+ 2 cm
wood, canvas
and wax