When and How it is Celebrated

The coronation celebration of the gracious statue of the Child Jesus is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in May. The infant Jesus is displayed in the presbytery during the Saturday and Sunday so that believers can meet him in closer proximity. On the Saturday evening after a mass, there is a procession with a copy of the gracious statue. The main pilgrimage mass with the coronation of the of statue of the Child Jesus is celebrated on Sunday at 10 o’clock.
We were not able to celebrate The Coronation this year due to public gathering restrictions. Next year, the coronation celebration will take place on Sunday 2nd May 2021.


Reason and Significance

This celebration originates in history. The family of the Earls of Martinice were enormous admirers of the Infant Jesus. At their initiative a procession of the statue of the Infant Jesus took place in 1651. It travelled from one Prague church to another. In 1665 the Bishop of Prague ceremonially decorated the gracious statue with a crown. The highest burgrave of the Czech kingdom, Bernard of Martinice, had the crown made for the statue. Currently, the stature is decorated with a gilded silver crown from 1767. The newest crown was donated by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Prague in 2009. It can be seen in the museum together with a historical crown from 1820.