Times of Services


9am Czech mass
(open 8.30am-7pm)


9am Czech mass
(open 8.30am-7pm)


9am Czech mass
(open 8.30am-7pm)


9am Czech mass
6pm English mass
(open 8.30am-7pm)

Every Thursday after evening mass there is a short prayer at the Altar of Infant Jesus of Prague


9am Czech mass
6pm Italian mass
(open 8.30am-7pm)

Every Friday after evening mass there is a short adoration


9 am Czech mass
6 pm Spanish mass
(open 8.30 am - 7 pm)


10.00 Czech mass
12.00 English mass
18.00 Italian mass
19.00 Czech mass
(open 8.30-20.00)

Pilgrim groups

Groups travelling with a priest can celebrate a mass at other times.
For reservations contact skupiny@pragjesu.cz or +420 257 534 144

Confession. Talk to a Priest

We are at your disposal in the confession chapel at the church entrance on the right side

as follows:

Monday to Saturday

8.30 – 8.55 am

Monday and Tuesday

6.00 – 7.00 pm