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Key jangling

30 years since the fall of communism. Exhibition in front of the church.

Jangling as a reminder for today`s world. The views of parishioners, pilgrims and visitors to the Church of the Infant Jesus of Prague.

Jangling keys – one of the symbols of the Velvet Revolution. In November 1989, millions of people filled squares in the then Czechoslovakia. The jangling of their bunches of keys symbolically signalled the end of the communist regime. The sound also heralded the beginning of a new society. After thirty years, we now take democracy for granted. We choose our representatives in fair elections; we are free to express our opinions in public; we can openly live our faith; we are free to create. Is there anything we need to draw attention to today? At what should we be jangling our keys? The world around us needs our attention and action…

What would you like to draw attention to today with your jangling? What should today‘s society pay attention to? Let us know. Do you have a key on you that you no longer need? Jangle it and attach it to your message as part of the exhibition.

Visit the exhibition until the end on November.