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Infant Jesus Coronation Feast


30. 4. Thursday

17.00 English Mass
18.00 Czech Mass

1. 5. Pátek

17.00 English Mass
18.00 Czech Mass

2. 5. Saturday

9.00 Czech Mass
17.00 Spanish Mass
17.45 Procession with the statue of the Infant Jesus and Holy Mass in the church of the Infant Jesus

3. 5. Sunday

The statue of the Infant Jesus will be exposed all day in the presbytery

10.00 Solemn Mass with the Coronation of the Infant Jesus of Prague, Fr. Vojtěch Kohut, OCD
12.00 English Solemn Mass
17.00 Spanish Solemn Mass
18.00 Italian Solemn Mass, Fr. Anastasio Roggero, OCD
19.00 Czech Mass