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Fateful years


100 years since the foundation of Czechoslovakia
70 years since the start of the communist totalitarian regime
50 years since the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops – lead by the Soviet Union

Exhibition composed of stories of our parishioners from the period of communist totality.
July – October 2018 terrace of the Church of the Infant Jesus of Prague.

“Here, in this place, we also think it is important to remember the different years that forged the country we live in today. It is also important to recall the years that lead our country into 40 long years of totalitarianism and loss of freedom. The period of communist dictatorship marred or painfully scarred the lives of many of the people around us in ways that we may not even be aware of. Here we allow witnesses of these events who attend our church to tell the story. We have knitted together a bigger story from these threads. In it, we feel some of the heaviness of the era.” (P. Pavel Pola OCD)