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Neratov. Exhibition of photography.

Neratov. A story of renovation of shrine, region and people.
Photo exhibition in the Church of the Infant Jesus 22.10. – 19.11. 2017.

Neratov (orig. Bärnwald) is located in Orlické mountains in north-east Bohemia, in the former Sudetenland. It has been an important destination of pilgrimages since the 2nd half of 17th century. A baroque church of Our Lady of Assumption burnt in 1945 after being hit by a missile shot by a soldier of Red Army. The church was meant to be demolished during communism and only miracoloursly has never been destroyed. Since 1992, it has been declared a cultural monument and has been intensively renovated.

The Neratov parish priest Mons. Josef Suchár strongly promotes renovation of the site. The Neratov Society celebrated their 25th anniversary in September 2017. Their aim is not only to restore the shrine but also to return life into the abandoned village. The Society helps adult people with disabilities, runs housing and rehabilitation workshops. It has also founded a special school for children with disabilities.

The exposition offers photos from the period of destruction and renovation of Neratov. They are accompanied by texts which describe the story of renovation of the shrine and rebirth of the displaced village, preopared by members of the Neratov society.

The exhibition will be open until Nov, 19 during the church opening hours.

The exhibition is part of the cycle Human being in the dialogue, supported by the Ministry of culture of the Czech Republic and Municipality of Prague 1.