Monday 23 Jul 6 pm

A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life

In English with Czech interpretation. Admission free, no reservation needed.

Richard Rohr OFM – american franciscan priest, intenationally well recognized teacher of contemplation, preacher and author. Founder of Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Richard gives lectures and leads retreats all over the world. He is an author of numerous books such as Wild Man‘s Journey, On the Threshold of Transformation and Falling Upward. One of his key programmes is the MORP (Men´s Rites of Passage) Initiation. Inspired by Richard´s life work with men the Czech movement „Chlapi“ (Men) has worked in Czechia for more than twenty years.


Programme 2018:
Ethics in the time out of joint

“The time is out of joint” (Shakespeare – Hamlet)

Not many pose the question of the meaning. We are witnessing a pulverisation of social éthos. Many things which have been considered unconceivable recently in the life of the society are almost a common part of it today. We do not ask if this or that is good for our lives and our relationships. We do not ask if something is meaningful, just if it is feasible. And many sort of things are feasible. What has been considered solid, stable and invariable yesterday, is on the run today, with an only (if any)  question: How can it be done? 
In this year of the “Ethics in the time out of joint”, we want to seek together how to strengthen and control our own free and responsible actions.

The language of the lectures is Czech unless stated otherwise.

20. 2.     Ludmila Trapková, Vladislav Chvála
clinical psychologist and psychiatrist; family therapists

20. 3.     Václav Moravec
journalist, teacher, anchorman

10. 4.     Miroslava Němcová
politician, member of parliament

24. 4. Josef Kordík
catholic priest, military chaplain

22. 5. Peter Pöthe
psychiatrist, psychotherapist

12. 6. Jan Sokol
philosopher, university teacher

23. 7.    Richard Rohr: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life
American OFM priest, teologian, teacher, writer


4. 9. L. Trmíková, J. Nebeský: Mlčky křičet

18.9.- Jaroslav Šonka 
political scientist, specialist on European politics

16. 10. Tomáš Šebek
surgeon, Doctors without borders

13. 11. Dana Drábová
nuclear scientist, politician

12.12. Víťa Marčík Theater

Programme 2017: 
Seeking spirituality in liquid times

We re-discover that our identity and our anchor in this contemporary world requires not only a firm attitude connected to the earth, where we live, but also an upward look. A healthy spirituality or verticality, this both transcendent and creative dimension of human life, gives us the ability of creative power to build the human society, to participate in the public good and to pour hope into the life.

  • 17. 1. 2017  Anna Hogenová
    Philosopher, phenomenologist, professor at The Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Humanities of the Charles University in Prague
    Filosofka, fenomenoložka, vyučující Pedagogické a Husitské teologické fakulty Univerzity Karlovy
  • 14. 2. 2017  Kateřina Lachmanová
    Theologian, psychologist, general editor
  • 8. 3. 2017 Ivana Noble
    Theologian, clerk of the The Czechoslovak Hussite Church, professor at  the Protestant Theological Faculty of the Charles University in Prague
  • 22. 3. 2017 Jiří Drahoš
    Physical chemist, president of The Czech Academy of Sciences
  • 5. 4. 2017  Víťa Marčík theatre: Moravian Passion-play
    Easter, Passion, crucifixion of Christ as playd by the marrionetter Víťa Marčík
  • 25. 4. 2017  Tomáš Sedláček
    Economist, former advisor of the Czech president and the minister of finance, teacher at Faculty of social sciences of the Charles University in Prague and the University of New York in Prague
  • 2. 5. 2017  Vladimír Volráb
    Clerk of the The Czechoslovak Hussite Church, national coordinator of the World Community for Christian Meditation in the Czech Republic 
  • 17.5. 2017 Jan Jandourek
    Sociologist, writer, journalist
  • 13. 6. 2017  Peter Tavel
    psychologist, dominican priest, dean of the Faculty of Theology of Palacký University, researcher of the yacht across the ocean
  • August – September Jindřich Štreit: The Gate of Hope
    Exhibition of photography (17.9. discussion with the author)
  • 26.9. 2017 Radkin Honzák
    Psychiatrist, therapist
  • 17.10. 2017 Helena Klímová
    Therapist, author, Charter 77 signatory, president emerita of the Rafael Institute
  • 14. 11. 2017 Ladislav Heryán
    Priest, salesian, musician, theologist
  • 12.12. 2017 Jiří Hájíček
    South-Bohemian writer, Magnesia Litera prize winner.Programme 2016
  • October – November Neratov
    The story of transformation of a pilgrimage site. Exhibition.

The lecture of Zygmunt Bauman, professor of sociology, philosopher, author of the concept of liquid modernity, was scheduled for May 2017. Professor Bauman deceased on January, 9th this year at the age of 91. Though we will not meet professor Bauman in person, we believe his ideas and thoughts will be part of many of our dialogues. May he rest in peace.

Programme 2016

  • January 1 – Jan Poněšický, physician and psychologist
  • February 23 – Otmar Oliva – academic sculptor, Robert Svatoň – theologian
  • March 15 – Jana a Jindřich Kalinovi, married couple
  • April 14 – Marek Eben, musician, actor and anchorman
  • May 25 – Marek Vácha, catholic priest and natural scientist
  • July 7 – Helena Illnerová, natural scientist
  • September 20 – Helena Klímová, therapist
  • October 18 – Jan Poněšický, physician and psychologist
  • November 15 – Josef Koutecký, oncologist
  • December 13 – Robert Bezák, catholic archbishop